Thanks for visiting our website! We're under construction right now, but for the time being are very excited to announce that we'll be hosting a zine making workshop at the Coachella 2009 on-site campground this year... be sure to stop by!

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The files linked below will download automatically in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Print 'em up and put 'em to good use...
Zineworks Coachella 2009 Handbook (resources and tips for beginners - 6.5 MB)
This is a 1/4 page mini zine, and you'll need to print up two letter size pages front and back to pull it together. Includes basic assembly instructions on the "1/4 page mini" template page.
Zineworks No Staples Mini Zine Template (1.1 MB)
Available for the first time at Coachella 2009, this is a template and instructions for putting together your own single-sided mini zine... no stapler needed!

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